Smart, Expert Help with Your Internet Marketing

Do you need expert, friendly help with your Internet marketing? Do you feel that your marketing or advertising results online (or offline) could be better? (after all, who doesn’t!) Do you know that there is more that you could do online, but you don’t have the time or the folk to implement it?

Perhaps you are unsure which of the many Internet marketing ideas that you’ve heard about is the right one for your business. Do you have a developer with whom you work but feel there’s a gap in communicating your business thinking…a lack of understanding, and you need a marketer who “gets” technology?

Ask me…I can help with your:

  • Email marketing, including practical advice on list building, email service providers, how to get better email delivery, and consulting on spam and email delivery problems.
  • Customer engagement and monetization, including on-boarding, autoresponders, segmentation and targeted marketing of your existing customer list and database. The money is in the list – I can help you uncover it.
  • Auditing your different marketing channels. I provide audits on email newsletters and email marketing, ecommerce (including shopping carts and checkout), paid advertising (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion audits on landing pages, entire websites or complete company customer pathways from prospect to paying customer. These in-depth audits reveal to you the “out-of-sight” areas where you can improve your online business and there is always a positive payback for clients who implement my recommendations.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). I know how to get your website ranked in the top Google or Bing positions and I can show you how to convert the “free” traffic from search engines into paying customers.
  • Search engine marketing, paid advertising campaigns (PPC). I can help develop and set up or optimize an existing PPC campaign. In addition I can help to convert the traffic from PPC into paying customers.
  • Conversion rate optimization. If you are acquiring prospects or customers online, you need to be constantly looking for new ways to improve and increase your response rates.
  • Internet marketing help. If you’re looking for ideas to test with your website, email list or to your social media community, or if you need fresh thinking for your online business, I’m your man. I’ve over 25 years of experience in direct response marketing, and I can help you to improve your response rates, online or offline.
  • Reports and analytics help. Heck, what do those numbers mean, anyway? I can help to make sense of your reports and data and provide practical recommendations for what steps to take to improve your numbers.
  • Reducing refunds. Yes, I know – everyone gets excited about increasing front-end conversions and many businesses accept refunds as “just part of doing business”. Reducing refunds has the same effect as increasing orders, and I’ve experience in reducing refunds for a number of different business, and can find ways to help you reduce your refund rate.

I’ve proven expertise in generating results and improving almost every aspect of online business, and in addition to my marketing expertise I’ve run Internet startups and managed teams of developers, and I communicate fluently with marketers and developers and tech teams. I can also act as liaison between your business and external developers, as I have done many times before.

Improving Your Online Business: The Next Step

Contact me now to discussion how I may help your business. Your first introductory consultation is free and without obligation. Share your question or outline the challenges you’re facing in your business, and if you’d prefer to chat this through by telephone please let me know a good number and a time where I may reach you. You may also call me on 503-232-8852 or drop me a note using the form, below:

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