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How Can I Help You?

I'm a solid, all-round marketer, with deep experience of many Internet systems. I specialize in these areas of business:
Customer Acquisition

I’ve developed and tested thousands of multi channel marketing automation campaigns to onboard, monetize, and cement relationships with new and existing customers and prospects. I am skilled at using autoresponders, one-off campaigns, and triggered communication based on prospect or customer activity.

Multi Channel Marketing

Finding, understanding, and monetizing your leads and customers must occur where your prospects and customers are naturally gathering. I’m an expert at helping businesses find, convert, and retain customers throughout their lifecycle.


Whether you need to generate an initial “front-end” sale for prospects or leads generate from your acquisition efforts, or wish to convert existing customers to higher value “back end” products or services, I can help. I’ve run many campaigns, including retaining existing customers and reducing refunds… a vital source of lost revenue.

Split Testing

Whether you want to run simple A/B tests in email or on landing pages or more complex multivariate tests; and whether you are testing online only or through a multi-channel approach, I can help you run effective split tests to optimize your conversion rate.

Why Work With Me?

An experienced marketer with unparalleled Internet business experience
multi-channel marketing experience...
online and offline

Hello; I'm David Cross. I am a highly skilled business consultant, with over 27 years of multi-channel, direct response marketing experience (that's 40,000+ hours!) I offer practical help and expertise for your Internet business, from a single marketing campaign, to your entire online business strategy.

I've run Internet startups and I "get" the technical side of Internet business. I've helped small and large companies select their systems for content management, email marketing, e-commerce.

I've trained individuals and teams to better use the available marketing tools, including coaching content writers on writing for SEO and online conversion.

I will work with you to find smart ways to increase your customer engagement, drive sales and signups, and increase your online and offline profitability.

  • Marketing

    40,000+ hours of multi-channel marketing experience, online and offline

  • Customer Acquisition

    Finding and converting prospects, monetizing and retaining customers

  • Monetization

    Converting prospects to customers and monetizing existing customers

  • Split Testing

    Helping you test different marketing approaches, including A/B testing, multi-channel split testing, and multivariate testing

About Me

Multi Channel Marketer | Internet Business Consultant
(Organic Farmer)
David Cross
Founder & CEO
I am a multi-channel marketer with a deep understanding of the technical side of running an effective online business. I’ve lived in six countries, and I’ve worked around the world. My home is a small organic farm close to Portland, OR, where I grow food to feed my family. I serve on the board of my children’s school.

dcwtrdavidcrossOver the last 28 years, I've worked with clients large and small; from corporate giants to small, one-woman businesses, and charities. Industries include everything from finance, healthcare, publishing, technology, real estate, veterinarians, alternative health centers... and everything in-between, plus helping to develop effective fundraising campaigns for charities.

I've guided many companies and individuals to success in business, and I've helped them achieve their marketing goals... both online and offline.

When I'm not growing businesses, I'm growing food. I enjoy cooking, music, and farming. I live with my family on a small organic farm close to Portland, Oregon, where I farm our food. Here I am; realizing once again that our soil can be a real slog to walk through when wet!